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  • Help After Student Suicide

    Help After Student Suicide

    When talking to someone after suicide we ask ourselves “What do I say? Will I make it worse?” Say what you feel, talking about what has happened will only help the healing process…

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  • Explaining Suicide to Children

    Explaining Suicide to Children

    Explaining Suicide to a child can be difficult. “What should I tell the children?” A question often asked after the suicide of a loved one.
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  • Traumatic Events

    Traumatic Events

    You have experienced a traumatic event; an injury, loss of a loved one or property, a serious threat, or any over- whelming emotional experience. Even though the event may be over, you may now be experiencing some strong emotional or physical reactions…
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  • Suicide Warning Signs

    Suicide Warning Signs

    Warning signs: Feeling Sad, Feeling Hopeless, Change in Appetite, Loss of Interest in Activities…
    Suicide is this country’s 10th leading cause of death. Reaching out, asking for help or offering help CAN be life-saving.

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